Mission3 London Programme

London, England, United Kingdom


Zinc's third programme starts in London in October 2019. Its mission is to add 5 more years of high-quality to everyone’s later life. For more information please see the Mission 3 page of our website.

The Programme

The Zinc programme will have 50 Founders from around the world to. There are three phases to this 9 month full time programme:

The pace at which the founders move through these three phases varies, but on average each phase takes 3 months.

The Founders

We look for creators and innovators from a variety of backgrounds, including clinicians, engineers, financial services experts, creative designers, researchers, serial entrepreneurs, product managers, NGO innovators, life scientists, care managers, and others. All the founders will share a passion to co-found commercial businesses from scratch with in one or more of the 10 opportunity areas in Mission 3. We are looking for Founders who have:


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